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    Letter From Kadafi

    2SC Adil
    2SC Adil

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    Letter From Kadafi Empty Letter From Kadafi

    Post by 2SC Adil on Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:15 am

    May you rest in peace Yafeu Fula.


    Ta all my Peeps who bought da cd and kept my name in da mix big time love!!!! I just wanted ta let you all
    know I may not be dere wit you but if you listen close ta my letter ta my children in "Letters" you'll understand
    I'm checking everything y'all are doing and am real impressed wit ya skills. Me and Pac are still holding it
    down!! We got hella beats and hella rhymes and we gonna keep dem flowing through my man Donny Rizzo
    and Candyman 187.

    Donny got hella lovely joints on da mixtape!! Some of da unreleased stuff I haven't heard in a long time!!
    Damn, where ya'll get all dat old skool stuff? Da flava goes back ta da wild Thoroheads and Dramacydal days.
    It's a way for ya'll ta go back wit us ta our beginnings when da beats were full of power and we were just
    youngins runnin wit Pac. Peep dem crazy beats!!

    Wow, ya'll got mad questions on dat internet!! What colors did I like? I wore dem all homie. I ain't never
    belonged ta any gang! Of course I had my crew I ran wit but we chose No colors. Neither did my brother Pac!
    Our colors were da colors of our people - Red Black and Green Red for da blood shed by my ancestors
    Indian and African - who fought da invaders, Black for da soul of our people, Green for our land and not
    dem dollar bills! Sure dem benjamins were important to me but wit dem benjamins you can buy LAND.

    What religion did I claim? Had I stayed my life would have guided me ta da truth. I know now dat it really
    don't matter - Jesus, Allah, Buddah, - dere is 1 God, 1 truth and it lives inside us all! Too much hatre and
    choosing sides.Y'all got more important things ta do!! Take it from me, life is short as Sweet Honey in
    da Rock says in my cd Son Rize Intro "Ain't no one know at sunrise, how dis day is gonna end no one
    knows at sunset if da next day will be here" Word!! Stop wasting time!!

    I wasn't ready ta go.but I knew my lifestyle was hectic. I am sorry for da pain I've caused all y'all. I wish
    I could do it all over.if I could I would have stayed in school and studied more (my biggest mistake),
    listened ta my Mom (yeah, yeah Mom you were right), not run from the police (but ya'll wouldn't have
    "Runnin" ta listen ta).

    Ta my 2 beautiful children. You both sound so grown up on da cd!! I miss you so much!! Uncle Pac is
    soooo proud of both y'all!! Listen ta the letter I sent ta Uncle Donny in LETTERS - "If your missing your dad,
    take a look at da stars, I'm up above and I'm seeing everything dat you are Keep growing, keep moving
    for da revolution".

    Ta Donny Rizzo there are no words. The CD is da bomb! You stepped up when nobody else did. Thank you
    for looking out for my baby girl Valencia. I love you homie.

    Ta my Moms. I know its been hard but you did it! We still got a lotta work ta do! Now I know what you were
    trying ta teach me!! Courage, truth, honor da ancestors - I see it now. You should have taught us more
    about fear. We had none!! Ha Ha. But you have da girls now. Don't worry dey won't be as much trouble as
    I was! I love you and I'm looking out for you too!! Pac says stop stressing!! It'll be all good!!!

    Ta my Pops, Sekou.sorry we didn't get ta kick it but I know dat I was strong in my life because of you and
    your sacrifices. One day you gonna be free! Imma see ta it!

    Ta my lil brother, Candyman 187, Aaaaeeeeyyooooo! keep holding it down bro, I love you and da Havenotz.
    Pac says- Aye lil homie! Wuz poppin'. Ha ha u know we up here in heaven holdling it down young thug. C u
    got bigger, my lil brother all grown. Glad to c u linking up with banana, take care of her. Tha Son Rize cd iz
    hellafied! And 2 my Havenotz, 2 our Havenotz, Me, Yak, and Candyman 187 started thiz a long time ago,
    now he and hiz souljahz finna continue it. Let tha legacy be felt. I love u lil brother, Yak and I are both
    looking out 4 you young thug, angelz on your shoulderz, we'll alwayz be there "5'0 can't fade tha Havenotz!"
    I love all y'all Ride thiz til tha wheelz fall off! and 2 all my seedz, remember thiz "Death itself iz not tha
    greatest loss in life, what diez inside uz while we still live iz" One Thug, One Nation

    Ta my Fans!!! Give it up!! I love all y'all!! Believe in yourself, you can achieve da impossible.keep moving
    for da revolution..peace in your lives..never forget da struggle.I'm lookin out for all y'all too!!


    Yaki Kadafi ain't a cop dere could stop me!!

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