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    baby u the best...

    Junior Hustla
    Junior Hustla

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    baby u the best... Empty baby u the best...

    Post by lex on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:15 pm

    did this wen i thought i had sumfin...lol

    Nobody got the DNA to clone my baby,
    shez lyka mother,the only person that can make me,
    my mind is hur car she be driving me crazy,
    crashed my vocabulary, beautiful-amaazinng,
    and wen my lites put owt faith,
    she the arc angel that let me in thru heavens gate,
    makes me wanna take her hand and just put her on stage,
    amd be the lime to the light wea evribodyz eyes glaze,
    nd she can do it all thats y there eyes still rolling,
    until she bustin nd rushin koz she lushing for sum of cody(me),
    altho wea lyka hart split in half,
    ill limp to wea u at untill ur half is attached,
    wen my times not you feel lyk im ticking wit bad luck,
    koz wen i kant hear ur voice my darkest hour is struck,
    gurl its you i gotta have das y im kumin right bak,
    know u wear my tatt koz u da best i ever had...

    Sup y'all.man its funny wat u kan write from a momentarily experience lol
    Thug Immortal
    Thug Immortal

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    baby u the best... Empty Re: baby u the best...

    Post by GuardadoMusic on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:07 pm

    Good metaphors

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