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    opposite rematch

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    opposite rematch Empty opposite rematch

    Post by NothingSomthing on Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:16 am

    You can top me
    with a unhurt off 1 liner

    U cant disapear
    With a cape ontopp of you head

    Why wud you
    if you need to understand the rules

    If you do still whaithing
    become a victem of the 1st rule

    Do you still need the liquerdation
    the one that wud haf made his move
    to find the one and hand
    in the middle off
    he being the menn
    the one that made you
    a punsh bagging thang
    rambeling the battel
    to overcome the basket skem
    Dont fall out..
    take the hit
    be a player
    ill take the shit
    cry on my shoulder
    dont pie on your self
    ill be a murder
    the one that you thought you hade kill´d

    If i break its not becas i hafe a heard
    if i ever had it i whas here
    and not totaly lost
    so what about us
    do i thear you apart
    i may make a valley
    for you to be smart.

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