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    Why 2Pac Is Alive ? ( Legitimate Reasons Only )

    2SC Adil
    2SC Adil

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    Why 2Pac Is Alive ? ( Legitimate Reasons Only ) Empty Why 2Pac Is Alive ? ( Legitimate Reasons Only )

    Post by 2SC Adil on Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:01 am

    All credit goes to: Shoot2Kill, he made this!

    i believe 2Pac is alive because of his family history and the heritage he inherited in being born of a Black Panther and into the Black Panther Party and all of it's struggles and fights , he knew from pretty much birth it was a very real possibility he might have to go into exile one day , because of his background and what he would be seen to represent even before he put his lips to a mix or his words to paper. not only would that give him reason to cut out if there was a price on his head (which there always was, but they were hoping they could take down the whole party from harassing him, especially when they used to approach him and Set on his way home from school), but the history of activism, militarianism , determination and fighting back is in his blood.

    it was there from the moment he was conceived by Afeni , and him knowing how he held the whole fate of the Black Nation and all the minorities all across the world , even his whole generation on his shoulders , despite his death wish i feel convinced he knew how much responsibility he had to stay alive and that he would have taken ANY and ALL steps possible to survive the lifestyle he was leading and any attempt on his life , whatever quarter it came from.

    from a political aspect ...

    the fact that Pac wanted to expand above and beyond rap, and Hip-Hop and even music and movies , Assata had escaped to Cuba , it's known now that she went into exile and never died , no doubt other Black Panther's and family members , no matter how distant had to or tried to do the same , we all know many activists, politicians and political prisoners , leaders etc .. are forced to go into exile at some point in their lives , such as are musicians , movie stars , actors sportsmen and women, etc. ESPECIALLY political musicians. just think of Marvin Gaye , John Lennon , even Jimi had to somewhat and he was considered to have more of a white and mixed audience/demographic. Jim Morrison hid out in in France , Marvin in Belgium , Lennon in NY, Jimi in Hawaii and Morocco although it was more of a holiday to get away from the pressures of non-stop, night-and-day, 24-7 touring and appearances and make music in the studio , let his creativity fly free etc.. these are people with a HUGE platform but none as big as someone actually BORN into the legacy of the Black Panther Party and late 60's militant activism and struggle for change , equality , economic opportunities , against drugs and black on black violence and aggression , the COINTELPRO was KNOWN all the way back then for oppressing rising movements and communities who threatened the racist Government and it's agencies (FBI, CIA, DEA, ATB etc, hell pretty much the ****inl Ku Klux Klan) by offering leaders of any minority color and nationality/background and framing them for crimes, particularly against white ''citizens'' (a title they could never be affordedat the time , because of the bigoted attitude of white America) they meaning the Black citizens , to the Gov they weren't citizens just statistics , and they tried to MAKE them statistics as a matter of course. as u know, COINTELPRO was a government program set up to eradicate and neutralize any and all threats of activism and uprising coming from the Black and Hispanic community , as Mutulu said " they engaged in 'low-intensity warfare'' meaning instead of big , high profile battles in the streets , their dirty work was carried out by individual hits and assassination and framing and subsequent unlawful incarceration of prominent members and leaders of different Chapters of the party. 2Pac knew all this inherently growing up , and it became all the more clear to him as he was taught at FIRST HAND !!!

    he had a perfect and defined grasp of his history as an African, and as an American/Afro-American and his peoples' shared history and trauma. 2Pac had this concept to do with the 3 strikes law and Black-on-Black crime, selling drugs, prostitution etc. he called it Post Traumatic Slavery after Post Traumatic Stress. it was that Black people, deep down needed to boost their self esteem because he believed that deep down, as a result of slavery, and all the past trauma and damage that must have inflicted on their souls and psyches that their opinion of themselves, molded from all that racism and oppression against them was so low that they fell into lives of crime, robbing from and killing each other, selling drugs, etc. because they basically didn't feel they were worth anymore than that , on top of that, he believed it was compounded by the 3 strikes law and that it was like a replay of the slavery era coming back to haunt his people , hence Post Traumatic Slavery.
    Thug Immortal
    Thug Immortal

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    Why 2Pac Is Alive ? ( Legitimate Reasons Only ) Empty Re: Why 2Pac Is Alive ? ( Legitimate Reasons Only )

    Post by Makavelilives* on Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:20 pm

    I think he is alive because Treach, his own friend and Outlawz member, says he is alive. Now you have to take that into consideration he wouldn't disrespect Pac like that if he was dead right?
    The whole Black Panther and Cuba theory is also very legitimate

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