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    supp eriwun...miss me

    Junior Hustla
    Junior Hustla

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    supp eriwun...miss me Empty supp eriwun...miss me

    Post by lex on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:04 pm

    wrote dis last nyt,

    Guess u can never really tell wea u be after the start,
    koz da world is unstable got u fallin in parts,
    flashback,reminisin bowt the bitches that used to tease me,
    its funny now that black dudes rounding easy,
    not to mention the obsession with ur weight,
    nw im str8 packing these daes and ur loss is my gain,
    is thea such thang as an honest man living,
    if so let his soul testify this prediction,
    koz we the people kill,steal lie and cheat,G for heaven sake,
    ur too gud at this hate,so try appreciate,
    wlking thru this misplaced room,faces wit perception,
    all i gota do is spit a few bars for there reception,
    u dont wana test the homies better block or leave,
    south paw reggae style watch em bob and weave,
    this life is more buzzn then astronomy,
    got evribody here working round apologies,
    im so prodigy,u still probably,
    honestly,i love it when you dis koz thats wen im more on top of things,
    yeeea,mama dnt wory bowt a thing,
    i rather die nd try to pursue young broken wings,
    exkuse me as i set the pace,
    koz these kids in this race have no face.....
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    Thug Immortal

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    supp eriwun...miss me Empty Re: supp eriwun...miss me

    Post by GuardadoMusic on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:06 pm

    I like it.

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