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    Revolution Theory

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    Revolution Theory Empty Revolution Theory

    Post by JUSTINA on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:45 pm

    This was taken from Shiva9493 of Makaveli Board, all credit goes to him.

    Firstly Marxism: Karl Marx, a sociologist back in the 1800's thought and strongly believed that the Bourgeoisie (meaning the elite) control the proletariat (working and lower class). We can related the bourgeoisie to the government, and the elite controlling us, the working class. The main point here is that the bourgeoisie provide the working class with an ideaology that everything is fine and nothing can be better. When infact they are in false class consciousness, meaning that they are not aware of the expolitation that they are suffering.

    Now I know what you are all thinking, what does this have to do with Pac?

    Firstly we have the rape case. Here Pac also thought he was set up by a government informer called Jacques Agnant's. He was involved in the rape case and Tyson had told Pac that Agnant was bad news. Agnant was let off the case as he was not seemed to be involved in the touching and whatever of Jackson when the facts see that he clearly was.

    Secondly, the shooting in 94. The allegations are that he was shot by I think Tut? And some other guy, Trevor? Someones gota help me on that. Well basically the feud was started were Pac was at the Above the Rim set where he met two guys called Nigel and Trevor. They were supposedly members of the New York Black Mafia if im not mistaken and supposedly funded Bad Boy records. They seem to have claimed that they looked after Pac when he had no where to stay and shit and also supply him with drugs. So they asked him to join Bad Boy. Pac refused, and people believe that was one of the reasons that Pac was shot. Biggie knew on it, and so did Puffy, obviously because they were all part of Bad Boy. Not forgetting Stretch who was not in Bad Boy. But Pac didnt accuse them yet, he was just mad that they never came to visit him once in prison, and tried to take over him.

    Ok so that was point number 2. Now we all know how much Pac was a troublemaker before this, how violent and "thugish" he was. The cops did not like it, and i could remember hearing in an interview where pac says something like " The cops don't want to solve this" or across them lines. So maybe they knew something about it?

    This isn't all hitting you yet but you will come to understand.

    So we have 2 events that changed Pacs life, which he felt that he was crossed over not only by friends, but a higher authority. Now we all know when Pac was in jail, he read ALOT of books. Many we have coverered. Now what if he read a book relating to Marxism, or the theories that the "higher authority" were controlling society around us. Pac was aware that he was being exploited by his friends, and the cops. As he was involved in the case of the shooting of two police officers.

    We know for a fact that he did not "hate" the cops, as hate is such a strong word, but he knew that the cops had something about Black people in society and would treat them differently from other races. He knew they were currupt. Have you all seen that speech where hes making a speech and says the famous line "they see us as african americans" in an angry voice. So yeah, when the cops and elite saw that they wernt happy.

    The point of this theory, if that is what you guys want to call it that Pac was informed of the "higher authority" controlling society and providing them with false class consciousness.

    Later in the years, we all came to know that Kevin Hackie was actually a FBI agent, and this to me seems to be a shock. Now Orlando being there at the MGM was not a coincidence, and no one can argue with that. He was going to get pounded. My theory is that what if he was sent there? Orlando, by a higher authority, just as a cover up to what really happened that night. They placed Orlando there, because he stole that Row pendant or whatever, he gets spotted by the DR entourage, they beat him up. He tells his boys, and they shoot Pac bla bla.

    Frank thinks that this is MORE than suspicious that Orlando is there. And as we know, as a member of the FBI, he tells Pac whats really going down and higher authority has a hit on him. At Suges house they spend an hour there. An hour just to change? They discuss how they can get away with it, as a last minute notice. And somehow pac evades that night of September 7th 1996 unhurt. Or maybe not..

    Now we know Pac was a revolutionary. In the prison interview he obviosuly wanted change. He was aware of the exploitation of the people in the ghetto!! And all around the world! Dont you see? Pac opened his eyes and realised that he wont be forced or told to do stuff, because he was being controlled. And we all know how pac hated being told what to do. He was seriously going to change the world. Just like all these other revolutionary people, Martin Luther King, Gandhi etc. They wanted to change the world for the people that were being exploited right? And now they are dead.

    I personally think that this theory makes it out to be that Pac is in hiding and hiding for a reason. Until another revolutionary person comes out, and opens there eyes. Think about it. If someone comes out and stands against the elite (governement) then the elite will have a new target. And wont care bout pac. Thats when he will appear to come out. Thats what i think at least.. Doesnt he say somewhere, dont just bump your head to the beat, think about the words im saying? He is waiting for someone to take over the role what he left behind.

    To sum up, which i pretty much did in the last paragraph, Pac was a revolutionary person who was in fear of getting assinated by the elite. Kevin told him. He survived and he will only come out when another revolutionary person decides to take a stand and make a change. I hope you all understand what i wrote.

    Let me say, im not saying he's alive, that why it is called a theory.

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